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Lutheran Historical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania

Annual Award:  Congregational History Project


Basic Information
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The Lutheran Historical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania has inaugurated the annual award in order to encourage congregations to develop, undertake and complete projects dealing with their histories and ministries.  It is anticipated that the projects will also indicate the present status of the congregations and its hoped-for future.


Submissions may be in several forms.  These may include:

  1. printed format with or without pictures, such as pamphlets, books, loose leaf binders.  A computerized submission (e.g., PowerPoint) is a possibility as long as a narrative of what is being presented is included;

  2. video and/or computerized (e.g., PowerPoint) presentations that may include dramatic presentations, interview with members, a video tour of the property and artifacts, etc.  In this instance, a written narrative of the contents and transcripts of interviews is to accompany the submission;

  3. original art, music, photographic montage or dance presentations.  These could be submitted in video form and with appropriate narrative of what the presentations express;

  4. video of a presentation or presentations made to the congregation and/or community.  Again, a narrative is to accompany the submission; and

  5. any combination of the above.

  6. If other formats are to be involved, please contact the chair of the Congregational History Project Committee.

The submitted project should:

  1. be useful with the congregation and/or community and provide an adequate record or perspective for future generations;

  2. be more than a listing of past pastors and events during their ministries;

  3. engage a number of persons in the congregation in its preparation and production;

  4. be authorized by an appropriate group (e.g., the congregation council) or designed persons for submission.

The length of the submitted project will depend on the nature of the projects, its format, and common sense.  History involves more than citations of dates and events.  It involves considered selection of materials, interpretations of events and connections to persons as well as to contexts and motivations of individuals and groups.


Submissions are due by September 1 or the first business day of that month.  We will announce the award at the society's annual meeting in the fall.  All submissions will be donated to Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia, unless arrangements otherwise have been made.  Please do not submit original church documents; submit copies instead.


The Committee Chair is:                Mary Redline

                                                                10368 Ziegels Church Rd.

                                                                Breinigsville, PA   18031


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